ReVision 2

Tina ReVision 2 6-19-09
Tina ReVision 2 6-19-09

This ReVision was created as a reflection of when our art practices are challenged by finances, outside pressures, and inner critics.  I am reading A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward An Undivided Life by Parker J. Palmer and came across this quote:

“Jack pines…are not lumber trees (and they) won’t win many beauty contest either.  But to me this valiant old tree, solitary on its own rocky point, is as beautiful as a living thing can be…In the calligraphy of its shape against the sky is written strength of character and perseverance, survival of wind, drought, cold, heat, disease…In its silence it speaks of …wholeness…an integrity that comes from being what you are.”  -Douglas Wood

Also, notice how the image in the center of the heart came from your painting in our collaborative book?

Laura ReVision 2
Laura ReVison 2, 6-19-09


Your Vision post of the bread and soup reminded me of the warmth and comfort of a handmade quilt on a chilly day. The time we spend sharing the seemingly ordinary things are often the most extraordinary. As I was working I thought about  crazy quilt patterns and the random, fragmentation of life.


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