CBP wish on a crane fly

Wish on a Crane Fly

Hello Sweet T,

The book arrived with much excitement as always, yet my attention was directed toward the final touches I was putting towards my art show. Only now do I have the quiet time I was craving in order to fully engage with the transformative journey of the book. I am posting the book as it arrived and will post another image as soon as I visually respond to it. 


As I looked at the page, I was reminded of what I had written in dragonfly pocket I put on the page for you. I wrote how I wanted to spread my wings to expand my idea of what love and kindness meant to me. I also wrote how I wished to be mindful of  the “here and there” of our journey together. We are both present with each other, yet each leave a different life in another part of the country. Your unique perspective always enlivens my thoughts.


I love how you added the words, “wish, wish wish on a crane fly..fly fly fly.  It was fun to hear how your  boys made up a game about  all of the crane flies that have flown into your house. You go onto explain, “if they touch the crane fly (on the opposite side of the window) they can make a wish.” I appreciated how they made something  scary for them into something hopeful, like you mentioned. Maybe we as adults make the world too scary by not seeing the playfulness in it. We create our own realities in a way and can choose how we respond to things. Today I will look at how I can turn something fearful in my life into something playful. xoLaura    

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