Vision 45

Laura's Vision 45

Dearest Tina~
Note the “nest” on the stage? It SO reminded me of our book and the reoccurring images that prevail within it. HOME comes to mind and my favorite John O’Donohue quote,”Where you are understood, you are at home.” This picture was taken from my iphone at the James Taylor/Carole King: Troubadour Reunion concert. So many things came to mind with this collaboration of talent, ideas and timeless music. Since this concert spanned so many years of friendship I couldn’t help but wonder what we will be like in years to come, telling stories and reminiscing about our work together. I am at “home” in the conversations we  share and am enriched and alive with possibility, support and love. Thank YOU!  xoLaura

Tina's Vision 45

Dear Laura,

This was a quick assemblage/collage to kick off my collage week.  As I mentioned previously I was focusing on drawing last week and collage this week.  Collage is where it is at for me so this week should be a good one.  I am still working around and in between caring for the boys on their summer break so the work is kind of here and there.  This clipping if from our Crepe Myrtle tree out front.  It is one of my favorites to watch change through the seasons and I know will reappear in much of the work I do this week.  What reoccurs in your work?  Any symbols, shapes, colors, compositional layout you see as a common thread?


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