Reiki for the artist?

Julianne Eanniello,"Blue Hydrangea" (click to enlarge)

Dear Tina & friends,

I have been thinking a lot about serendipitous moments in my life, believing that things come to you when you are ready to receive them. Reiki is one of these things. I have been curious about it for some time, have many friends who practice it and even saw the benefits of it as it was used to help one of my friends who was suffering from cancer. As serendipity would have it my friend Julianne invited me to her studio so I could give it a try. Not really knowing what to expect I tried to calm my mind so I could feel what was happening to my body, like I would if I was having a massage. I was so relaxed and at peace, all without Julianne having ever touched me! In fact I could easily have fallen asleep! It was like nothing I have ever experienced and it got me thinking about how important it is to create time in our lives to just “be” and receive. I think Reiki could be just the right stepping stone to quiet my mind and ease me into meditation, which I have been exploring with Jon Kabit Zinn.

Julianne is a member of the Artists’ Cooperative Gallery I am a part of and we got to talking about the benefits Reiki could have for the artist. Our conversation was so informative I asked her if she would write something for our blog, which she was kind enough to do. Here is what she said:

“Reiki is a Japanese healing and stress reduction technique.  By lightly placing my hands on a clients chakra’s, and other areas as drawn, they are receiving universal energy that is used as their body needs it.  It is a very gentle, non-invasive therapy that is balancing and relaxing on all levels.  When the body is balanced and relaxed, it can heal.

Reiki can be beneficial to anyone, of course, and artists who receive or learn Reiki may find that by relieving their stress, or a physical or emotional pain, they open a deeper connection with their inner self – that creative genius inside.  I believe many artists create their work from that inner connection – some may even say it’s not them – the art is just expressed through them.  Reiki can help bring awareness to this connection by relaxing the body and helping them to let go of resistance.  When the body is relaxed, and they surrender to their deepest calling, a clarity and intuition can be revealed.  It’s kind of like your meditative paintings – it’s a tapping into that which brings art forth.”

Julianne Eanniello, "Joy" (click to enlarge)

In my own medium, photography, practicing Reiki has helped me to be more aware of that creative energy – if I just stop, and look, and feel, I will see ‘the shot’ before I take it – some energetic presence stands out that says, ‘Yes. This. This is what it’s all about.’  I love looking directly into the heart of nature, especially a flower, seeing its purity – no pretenses, no worries – just the direct “Here I Am-ness” of pure, raw, incredible nature.  It’s Here.  It’s Now.  And I feel at home.

Reiki was a stepping stone for me, opening up my creative side, and the first on a path of several healing methods that I practice and some of which I teach.

Julianne has generously offered a 20% discount to artists so they can experience the benefits of Reiki for themselves. HERE is a link to her website. Simply give her a jingle to set up an appointment and let her know you are an artist and you read about her here. VOILA!  You are on your way to a new, peaceful experience! Thank you Julianne for your time and sharing!

Cheery Smiles & love,


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One thought on “Reiki for the artist?

  1. Dear Laura & Julianne,

    I, too, had the pleasure of a session with the lovely Julianne and was amazed at how very “present” I felt during my time with her. Every movement, sound and awareness of my surroundings melted into the light touch of her hands place over my head and heart. (I’m guessing these are chakras). I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect but found myself so relaxed that I had to work really hard NOT to fall asleep (I snore you see). Afterwards, as I emerged from my 1hr of peace, the room seemed ethereal and light as if I was walking through a cloud. Once my eyes and head cleared a bit, I asked Julianne what she gets from her sessions? If she is trying to realign energies or rid those negative energies, how can she do this without taking those feelings on herself? She matter-of-factly replied that the process was just as soothing for her, that “she could do this all day”. This truly resonated with me. I have found myself in situations where my energy or emotions are depleted or absorbed by negativity. So through Julianne, I learned that positive energy is just as transferrable. That with intention and a willingness to release, interact, share and trust you can find your “heaven” ;) albeit an hour at a time. I find that being absorbed by my creative work has the same effect. It closes me off to the past and future and grounds me in the NOW…what I am doing, the brush marks I make, the smell and stickiness of the paint, the vibrancy of the colors, the music playing in the background. Perhaps this is the “connection with the inner self” that Julianne beautifully articulates in your blog. I am thrilled to have found a different way of making that/those connections. Thanks!

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