Saying YES to the video!

Good old Joseph Campbell once said, “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” This quote is a mantra I keep in the back of my mind as I continue to test this theory and follow my creative dream of being an artist.  Since the day I decided to go back to school and earn my MFA I can honestly say doors have opened for me, just like Campbell mentioned. I found Goddard College and a progressive, self-directed model of education that aligned perfectly with who I aspired to be in the world. My graduate studies allowed me the focused time I needed to discover who I was as an artist and what at the core my work was about (NO easy feat, but I will save this is for another post). By staying true to my authentic voice and being open to new things I discovered a world of serendipitous happenings, one of them being the connections I made along the way.

Shortly after I graduated, I got my first SOLO show at Jonathan Edwards Winery through a friend who suggested me to the gallery manager and believed my work would be a good fit. This led me to my now good friend Steve Conn, a warm-hearted British native living in Stonington, CT. He also happened to be following his dream of becoming a videographer and wanted to create a video of my show-for FREE! Although I was terrified of being on video I challenged myself and did it anyway. You can see it HERE. Saying yes to this video has led to several others (which can be viewed HERE & HERE), good exposure, lots of giggles and a lasting friendship. His most recent video was at my open studio, “Spring Fling.” Although I am not fond of myself being “larger than life” on the green screen, I love how he captured the essence of the event through his thoughtful eye. I want to thank Steve from the bottom of my heart for all of the time he has generously offered in helping me follow my “bliss”. He is a delight to work with and we had TONS of laughs that’s for sure! I would HIGHLY recommend him to video your special event.

Here are few words from Steve describing his creative process:

“My work explores the relationship between movement and sound, my ability to observe and capture this and marry these elements together. Each project I make use of different concepts which leads me to focus on the angles, space, reflections, light and subject. I strive to create an overall environment that allows me to emphasize my artistic vision and share the moment to all, for today tomorrow and maybe forever. As this new door opens for me, my dreams will unfold.”

Thanks for always being so gracious!


p.s. To see more of Steve’s fabuloso videos visit his website:

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