Who is that Michael Bryce?

A painter of color and joy…

Michael Bryce

Virtu Art in Wilcox Park-WHAT A DELIGHT! This is where I spent last Saturday, strolling around with the fabulous Sue, ogling diverse, creative treasures. We were both immediately drawn to a fantastic mixed media painting of a bird’s nest as we walked into the park by

artist, Carol Sokolowski

Carol Sokolowski I couldn’t resist buying one of her smaller, original watercolors of a similar nest. Her motto is, “everyone can afford and original” and I must say at these prices I felt like she was giving them away, knowing how long it takes me to to paint even a small painting. We continued to shop our flip flops off walking around, devouring everything from jewelry to paintings, forgetting entirely about lunch and meeting our friend Steve who was graciously mulling about the show, creating a magical video of the event (coming soon!).

Last year was the first time I had been to the Virtu Art show and regretted not buying a painting by Michael Bryce. He is a charming (and cute!) painter who graciously took the time to answer my many questions about the different art shows he does, the studio where he works and the book he illustrated. I loved his bright, splashy sunflowers and hoped he would be at Virtu this year. It was my lucky day! He had SO many gorgeous paintings! I longed for the large sunflower painting you can see in the picture (look to the top, left side of his booth) but will have to wait until I save a few more pennies. It had “unfinished” quality that drew me in, intentionally leaving some of the pencil lines visible. I am always intrigued by the creative process and really liked how this painting conveyed this. Although the large canvas will have to wait, I did buy a smaller, sassy sunflower painting, which I LOVE.  I can’t wait to find the perfect spot for it!

artist, Mike Bryce

I must admit I had a hidden agenda going to Virtu, wanting to do a little “research” to see if art shows were a good venue for my work as I try to decipher who my audience is. It was nice to hear vendors freely sharing which shows are their favorites and why. Now, if I could just learn how to NOT spend all my money. I try to fool myself that it is “in the name of research” but I am onto myself!

I wondered if you could help me with my “research” by sharing your thoughts about where my art may “fit.” What are YOUR experiences with art shows? What kinds of booths have left an impression on you? and why? I appreciate your help!



p.s. Here is a great link I found to an artist checklist for outdoor shows if you were ever considering doing one yourself.

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3 thoughts on “Who is that Michael Bryce?

  1. Laura, personally I feel that your work will be great for any art show. Being a big fan of your work myself.
    Loved reading this post, enjoyed all the lovely pictures and the painting of sunflower is beautiful!!

  2. Laura- This is a wonderful post about a local artist you responded to. It was nice to “meet” him here and glad you supported his work with a purchase. I often wonder if the best art collectors are artists! In response to your ‘audience’, I believe this develops slowly through paying attention when someone responds positively to your work. That bit of feedback can tell you who your audience is. ‘Why’ is the next question which often I suppose most people do not know- they just do. It is like asking why you like the sunset today- you just do. It makes you feel good and hopeful. That is how I see your work. Finding venues that also have that intention is where you will find your home. Now on to where I think I fit…..I still do not know but I suspect I am already on my way (as are you!).

  3. Thank you both for your thoughtful comments! Tina, I agree more people need to support local artists. I love the “why” question you posed and the metaphor of the sunset. I appreciate your thoughts! xoL

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