Can you guess which one is my favorite?

"Growing Awareness" (detail) Laura Gaffke, 2010
"Growing Awareness" Laura Gaffke, 2010
"Growing Awareness" (detail) Laura Gaffke 2010

Dear Tina & Friends~

There are SO many fabuloso things I want to share, knowing you will want to jump on them immediately before they disappear. The “Long & Lean” show at the Mystic Arts Center is the first on my list, which closes May 22. It is here you will find fascinating creations, measuring at least twice the dimension in one direction than the other, making for a VERY diverse and unique show. I am grateful to have my painting, “Growing Awareness” showing with all of these wonderful artists. It was inspired by the vibrant spring flowers enlivening my garden, reminding me of my desire to truly “be” present in all areas of my life.

Interpretations from the show. Read on to learn about these marvels…

In conjunction with the Long & Lean show, the Mystic Garden Club created “floral sculptures”- arrangements that interpreted selected artwork in the show. Aren’t they brilliant? Working in a flower shop for many years I can appreciate the creativity involved and consider them ephemeral works of art for sure! I wish I had a better camera than my iphone with me at the time! Although I loved them all I did have my favorite. Can you guess which one? Which is yours? Leave a comment and let me know…

Last but not least, I wanted to remind you about the Opening Reception of the “What IS an Altered Book?” show at the Riverside Gallery TOMORROW NIGHT!!! The artists have been dropping off their creations like loving packages ready for us to create a magical display that will WOW you for sure. We will also have “THE BOOK” Tina & I have been altering for the past TWO years for your perusal as well as a “guestbook” you can “play” in if you are feeling a little creative! Can’t wait to see you!


p.s. Which floral design is your favorite? What do you think of combining nature and art like this? Your thoughts might inspire others so let us know…

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  1. Hello lovely! I LOVE your painitng for the long and lean show…not sure which flower arrangement is your favorite- but I know how you love a tulip! :) So proud of you! xo

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