Vision 41

Vision 41 Laura

Dear Tina,

Since I first visited the Brimfield Antique Show, discovered shortly after I moved to CT, I wait with anticipation for the new dates of the show to be announced. I have always gone with my good friend Sue and we make a grand day of treasure hunting, usually mapping out our “wish list” on the hour and a half drive from Groton. Coffee first, a treat for the drive, layers in case of bad weather (it is ALWAYS nice, even when they say it will rain), falafels for lunch at our favorite food vendor, lots of walking and miles of vendors and inspiration. Our first stop is May’s Antique Market to see our “Brimfield boyfriends” from Twig & Berries Antiques. Their booth is run by two of the sweetest brothers with the coolest loot. The picture above is from their booth. I am partial to them because they are teachers (moonlighting with their personal days so don’t tell!), always have a warm smile, thoughtful displays and because they remember us. This year I bought an old, square wire basket, an antique decorative ball, an orange soap box, a round green tin for flowers and I just know I am forgetting something…. Ironically I was reading Lisa Occhipiniti’s blog this week and she was talking about her all time must see antique shows and Brimfield was one of them. I have only been to two on her list and I am delighted to say that the other one  was a Paris flea market (that should be for another post!). Knowing your love for antiques Tina, you would be as inspired as we were!                                  xoLaura

Vision 41 Tina

Dear Laura,

In reading about your altered book class in the last post,  I thought I would offer another take on altered books I have been experimenting with.  This photo is of small detail of a larger piece.  I cut out the cover and pages beneath (about 50 pages), then added the small photo transfer from a walk I took in the woods along with a small branch I picked up along the way.  The piece was created as I was thinking about the wisdom we find in nature vs. books.  Perhaps your ReVision will be a detail picture of one of your altered books?


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