ReVision 40

Vision 40 (Tina)
Vision 40 (Laura)

Laura and Tina’s Vision from this week.

Our ReVision…

ReVision 40 (Laura)

Dear Tina,

I have been thinking a lot about nesting this week and how we create spaces that make us feel at home. As I was meandering around the Brimfield Antique Show yesterday I came across a nest put out for display among the antiques in one of the booths. The vendor said it was a Robin’s nest and that she would sell it for $2 (what a deal!). It made me think about how we build our homes around the resources that surround us. I think we all search for our own place to “nest” and feel at home.


ReVision 40

Dear Laura,

I am noticing that many of our Vision/ReVision posts have been inspired by our gardens.  Perhaps that is something more here to explore together in the future?  My ReVision response today is a photo of jasmine (the south’s equivalent of lilacs).  Your Vision this week reminded me of the fragrance and beauty of the lilacs when I was living in Boston.  Every year we would go to the Arnold Arboretum lilac festival in Jamaica Plain (directly south of Boston).  No lilacs grow here in the south but this Confederate Jasmine is equally as fragrant and beautiful.  You can get the jasmine to creep up anything so people here grow them up their mailboxes, houses, trees, and fences.  It makes for an intoxicating walk in the neighborhood!


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