The Art of Correspondence

Dear Laura and Friends,

When is the last time you wrote a hand written letter and sent it through the mail?

Before I dip into how correspondence art relates to Laura and I, I want to highlight a woman artist Laura and I both adore; Lenore Tawney.

She is widely known for her fiber art and room-filling woven sculptures. At the age of 50 she moved to New York City and discovered the Bauhaus movement (which I wrote about in a POST earlier this year after a trip with Laura to the MOMA to see an exhibit about the Bauhaus) along with making friends with artists such as Ellsworth Kelly, Robert Indiana, and Agnes Martin. Martin and Tawney “shared intellectual, personal, and artistic interests and provided a sounding board for each other’s work.  Tawney created names for Martin’s abstract paintings; Martin did the same for Tawney’s weavings.” (Signs On The Wind pg. 8).  Their relationship sounds much like Laura and I’s.

Which brings me to highlight some of Lenore Tawney’s smaller works of art- her postcard collages. Below are a few highlights of this work she created.  One of these actually has a crab on it and it was successfully sent through the mail without being crushed!  Look at the book Signs On the Wind for more pictures of her postcards.  That link is for Amazon but I highly recommend buying it from your local bookseller.

Lenore Tawney

Lenore Tawney

Laura and I have a particular interest in mail art because this is how we started our collaborative relationship.  We sent postcards and other pieces of art (we did a whole series of six inch squares sent in handmade envelopes in 2006) to speak to one another in a visual/tactile way.

It was the seed to our beginnings.

Here are a few of our pieces of art sent to one another:

Go ahead…pick up a pen and write a letter to someone.  You never know what may grow out of one simple letter and one simple gesture to reach out to another.


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