Vision 40

Vision 40 (Laura)

Dear Tina,

The lilacs are in bloom in CT and their sweet, intoxicating scent is enough to knock your socks off! LOVE THEM! I have placed posies all over my house and have had the windows open on the few warm days we have had here so I could breathe in the wonderment of their short lived season. I just learned, lilacs originated from Europe and Asia and both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had them in their gardens. Apparently lilacs can live for quite some time so it is possible there may even be lilac bushes still alive that were planted way back then. Another interesting fact is that lilacs are the state flower of NH, my home state. Growing up I remember my mother cutting posies for the house and how I always anticipated the approaching warm weather. As I got older I got great joy cutting them for her. I also just learned there are different varieties of lilacs that can be planted to stagger their bloom time, much like bulbs. I will have to look into this. Do you have any lilacs where you live? Cheery Smiles, Laura

Vision 40 (Tina)

Dear Laura,

Have you realized that we have been creating our Vision/ReVision call-and-response project for 10 months now?  We are approaching a year with this.  Maybe we could do a “year in review” at the year anniversary in two months  of our best posts.  Maybe we could invite people to vote on the best one and use that to enter our blog into the magazine Artful Blogging.  Just some thoughts today.

My Vision this week comes from my front yard.  A mockingbird has been building a nest for the past three days.  It has been delightful to watch.  We keep wondering if she will move to another place because the boys are loud with their scooters, playing balls, bikes, etc. but she doesn’t seem to mind.  I always find these natural architects fascinating and it has been a joy watching her process (actually I just read a little about these birds and found out the male mostly makes the nest).


ps- anyone wanting to see more Vision/ReVision from the last 10 months only has to click on the category on the right sidebar.

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