ReVision 38

ReVision 38

Dear Tina,  I took your 10 min. drawing challenge. Even though I wasn’t able to fit it in over the week I found a moment to pause today with my sketchbook among the weeding and planting I was doing in my sad, neglected garden. It felt SO good! Thank you! I was grateful to find the magnolia tree still in bloom and had a different experience drawing it than photographing like I did last week. I hope to do more sketching for sure as it really makes you appreciate how magical nature is. Cheers! Laura

Tina’s ReVision 38

Dear Laura,

The blackberries are blooming in my yard.  The bright green centers to the flowers will be the juicy blackberries in about a month.  When I saw the crocus in your Vision this week I thought of these fruits budding.  Our neighbor has it growing in their yard and it is now in ours too.  The kids go out there and pick them right off the vine when they are ripe.  This time of year in Charleston is so alive and picturesque.  You need to come visit in the spring sometime.


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