“Art After Dark”

Denny Riviera with his artwork

Denny Riviera

Dear Tina & friends,

This past tuesday was met with several wonderful surprises. I had the pleasure of going to “Art After Dark,” another wonderful program hosted by the marvelous Mystic Arts Center. Upon my arrival I was greeted with a beer and a big hug from my good friend SUE who was there to surprise me! Well that just kicked off a night of wonderment under the stars outside on the patio along the river! In addition to this I met up with my friend Millie, new friend Keith and a few other lovelies, all while enjoying a few beers, pizza, live music and a live painting in action! I even had the wonderful opportunity to talk with the fabulous artist of the night, Denny Riviera. It was great having the opportunity to ask him about his work and share his process. As I watched the vivid colors emerge on his canvas I couldn’t help but think how brave and talented he was to be painting on the spot like this. I am not sure I would ever feel comfortable doing something like this and was amazed watching him. They Arts Center will continue to host this monthly event throughout the summer and I will look forward to the next one for sure. Do any of you have cool art events like this where you live? I love hearing how the arts are being supported in different communities.

Cheers! Laura

Denny's painting supplies

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