ReVision 36

This is our 200th post on the blog.  Whoohooo for us!  Thanks for coming along with us on the ride!

Laura and Tina’s Vision for the week

Tina's Vision 36
Laura's Vision/36

Laura and Tina’s ReVision for the week

ReVision 36 Laura

Dear Tina,

THIS is the color of the moment here in Connecticut! Daffodils everywhere! LOVE THEM! It finally means the warm weather is coming and I am really looking forward to it. Everything else is exploding with kelley green like you would see in Ireland, largely due to all of the rain we have had. This rain caused flooding and  left a wake of damage. I feel blessed to be able to embrace the joy in a simple flower or “two.”  xoLaura

ReVision 36 Tina

Dear Laura,

Friday I went on a field trip with my son’s Kindergarten class to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens here in Charleston SC.  As I was walking with the children through our swamp tour, I was amazed at the beauty the azaleas exhibited.  In fact they are in full bloom all over the city right now.  They reminded me of your weeping cherry tree.  We do not have these here- at least not that I have seen on James Island where I live.  Sometimes the climate can change dramatically ten miles inland, so it may be growing in South Carolina elsewhere.   All year the azaleas are a scrubby bush that do not look all that great.  Then  April rolls around and then you know why so many people plant them in their yards!  Happy Spring to everyone!


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2 thoughts on “ReVision 36

  1. Laura- Our daffodils here in South Carolina bloom at the beginning of March. I guess that means that we are about one month apart in our Spring season. Do you think that sounds about right? I always welcome the daffodils since they usher in the warm season.

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