Working Table

Laura's Working Table

Laura’s Working Table notes:

I received a lovely package from Tina with the paintings I started which she collaged with drawings. She also sent along these wonderful wooden boxes for me to cover, along with maps and a few prints of our work. (We are testing out prints for our soon to be open Etsy shop). Today I worked on covering the boxes, preparing them for the artwork which will be mounted on them. It took a lot longer than you may imagine, as I was meticulous at making sure they were perfect and without any bubbles. I love the colors of the maps and how the images look juxtaposed on top of them. What you are seeing are the back of the boxes. They look like little shadow boxes. You can look forward to seeing them finished at the Open Studio in two weeks as well as at our soon to be Etsy shop opening soon-SO PSYCHED!

Tina's Working Table 4-13

Tina’s Working Table Notes:

Since moving my studio to my garage as a temporary spot, I have enjoyed the natural light, fresh air, and sounds of nature in my neighborhood.  It is a very different feel than my current studio in an industrial area.   A lot of work is coming together this month, which is good to feel finally.  The small pieces of art I have been struggling with are finally getting completed, after reinventing them three times, and I actually like them.  The picture on the right is a sneak peek at these which I will be posting on my website soon.

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