Vision 36

Laura's Vision 36

Hello Sweet T~

The garden is exploding with life and color and this year I have decided I am going to make the time to appreciate it. I was enamored with the weeping cherry tree we lovingly named Glenda in my front yard. I had a much larger tree at the magical cottage in NH and missed it so we planted one in CT when I moved here. Her showy beauty doesn’t last long and I wanted to fully embrace her majesty with my camera. The only trouble was getting a nice photo that didn’t have double yellow lines or telephone pole wires in it. To avoid them I focused on some up close shots. Have you ever noticed how the branches on these kinds of trees grow upward until they can no longer hold their weight? It made me think about how we naturally reach upward or often inward towards our own light. Our lives become crescendos of ups and downs. Hopefully we will realize our own natural tendencies of ease are-where I believe we are meant to go. xoLaura

p.s. Do you have weeping cherry trees in South Carolina? What trees are in bloom right now where you-our readers live?

Tina's Vision 36

Dear Laura,

This weekend we finally got the canoe out in our tidal creek.   Besides getting stuck in the pluff mud in the falling tide (we had to drag the canoe to deeper water- while the boys just laughed) it was refreshing to be out in nature.  Signs of spring have sprung in the saltmarsh cordgrass. It seems the color of spring is chartreuse.  All the new growth seems to be this color.  It is brilliant.  Do you have this color in the plants or trees around you now too?


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