Book Exchange- Tina’s turn (the book is almost complete!)

Dear Laura and Friends,

You know, sometimes I look around at all the things I collect for my studio practice and wonder why I have all this “junk”.  Then this week I found the perfect item (photo below) for our latest ‘BOOK EXCHANGE‘ page, and I am reminded why I keep it all.  I have held onto these lacy leaves since I lived in Boston almost ten years ago.  They have surprisingly held together for this long through numerous studio moves.

This is a photo of the page Laura left me to work on (see the full post on her work HERE):

Sneak peak for Tina (click to enlarge)

I have to say this page was one that stumped me for a few weeks until I found these leaves.  I just couldn’t come up with an idea.  Does this happen to you Laura?

I decided to cut these leaves and glue them into the leaf shapes you left me.  I also added a drawing into the composition.  Different fabrics and paint were added to make the page come together with harmony.

This is coming to you in the mail in the next week.  We have two more pages until the book is COMPLETE!    This has been a two year project, if you can believe that.  Any ideas for how to celebrate this dynamic and unique piece of art?

Love, Tina

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One thought on “Book Exchange- Tina’s turn (the book is almost complete!)

  1. Yo lady!
    WHOOO HOOOOooo! SO delighted to see this page! I cannot believe your leaves didn’t fall apart in your hands while cutting them! Yes, I do get stumped on our pages sometimes. I think this is the unique challenge of how we combine two vastly different styles and stretch our thinking. I always look forward to seeing what you come up with and cannot wait to see how the book ends. A CELEBRATION is in order for sure! xoLaura

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