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It was exciting to see the photograph of the egret and heron you posted. I often neglect spending time in my own backyard, enjoying the immediate beauty of the river.  In some ways it is due to the way our property is laid out, not allowing for the private solitude I crave. This is why I feel compelled to go walking. That designated time allows my thoughts to roam and wander as they will, exploring  forgotten places in my mind. There is a quote that says, “Angels whisper to a man who goes out walking” (or something like that-I will look it up) and I believe it is true. I often get my best ideas when I am walking. Some call it inspired thought. This time allows me to go deeper into what I am creating by allowing a little “breathing space.” Do you find this for yourself? I often make connections to things I hadn’t thought about.

For the past few weeks I have been in a different kind of creative mode getting ready for my show at Jonathan Edwards WInery, in their quaint Loft Gallery. I have had to balance my time with creative work and the logistics of the show, which has disrupted my regular routine. I managed to go out for an adventurous jaunt around my studio thought, and thought I would share my adventure.

The space I share is on the river in an old converted mill building  shared between our studios, “Above Elite Studios” and “Elite Dry Cleaners” who are our downstairs neighbors-cute play on word, eh? I brought my camera and became mindful of which buildings on our street had been updated over the years. There is a history to them in the peculiar way I would often see the facades and the sides of some buildings updated, yet the backs which face the river still have old, peeling paint and tarred shingles. The “updating” could even use updating, so you can imagine how aged everything looks. You would love some of the beat-up, rusty things I saw disregarded and washed up along the shore. They would lend themselves well for your collage work. There was also a lot of junk. It made me want to clean it up, but I was well aware that this was not my property. It made me think about the ownership of our land and water and what could be done to preserve it.

As I kept walking, I came to a dead end, home to disregarded beer bottles soda cans, plastic bags and crushed cigarette boxes. I could imagine these being the remnants of a young party crowd enjoying a night away from their parent’s watchful eye. Meandering my way back back, I was drawn to some old boats propped up, awaiting a fresh coat of bottom paint before finding their way  to their floating summer homes. The textures and colors were amazing and I was mindful of just how imaginative the ocean is to create such beautiful textures. I have posted a few of the pictures for you to see, thinking they may inspire future work for me. I was also reminded of the journey we have been discussing in our collaborative work. Even these boats have a hidden, secret journey of their own, obscured by a whole other world under the sea. This made me think of the questions I have surrounding what’s above and below the surface in each of us.

Sending you a cheery day of love, Laura

This is what my studio looks like from up the river.
This is what my studio looks like from up the river (the farthest yellow building). Notice how different the color is from the back.
This is the outside of the studio building. If you look close you can see and art flag in the upstairs window. That is my studio.
This is our building. If you look close you can see and art flag in the upstairs window, which is my studio.
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