Vision 32

Laura's Vision 32

Dear Tina,

I am currently in NH as a visiting artist. This will be my second year as part of their amazing program for Sophomores, called Artward Bound. It has been an honor and a great opportunity to discuss the theme “culture of creativity” with visiting artists, faculty and the students. The buildings of this boarding school hold a lot of history. Of course the art room brings me the most excitement . When you walk in you are welcomed with creative energy and a vibrantly painted floor. As I followed the paths of color in this sun lit room, I wondered about our creative path together and the many layers of history we are creating. What does the culture of creativity mean to you? xoLaura

Tina's Vision 32
Tina's Vision 32

Dear Laura,

Wandering in my garden I have noticed signs of spring everywhere.  I also noticed that our bird bath has a beautiful purple and turquoise patina.  When we put it in the garden a year and a half ago it was bright copper.  This photo is a close up of the color and texture.  The antique/patina colors of metal and wood that show the sign of age always appeals to me.  Maybe these colors will inspire you this week in your studio classes.


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