Bodacious Book Exchange

painted book pages
painted book pages
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Hello Sweet T~

Do you have ANY idea how close we art to finishing our book?!?!? How long have we been working on it? I have to admit I did peak at your last post, you made it entirely too tempting! Seeing it allowed me to have time to think about it before it arrived. Often it takes me some time to think of how I will respond to the imagery so this sped up my response to you. When I saw your page I knew I wanted to add onto your tree and decided to play off the old book pages you used for the nest. I had an old book I was altering and painted a bunch of the pages different shades of green, blue and magenta before the book even arrived at my door. I also painted the background of the page to create a sky. Next I worked on carefully cutting out all the leaves in varying sizes and arranged them so they would overlap and pop with the subtle nuance of hues. If you want a surprise scroll no further as I have posted a sneak peek at your next page.

It will be fun to talk about this project as it comes to completion and see how the book format compares to our previous square exchange. I can’t wait to start  thinking about what our NEXT project will be! SO FUN & Inspiring you are my dear! xoLaura

p.s. I loved learning about the Cedar Waxwing birds that visit your home.

Sneak peak for Tina (click to enlarge)
Sneak peak (click to enlarge)
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3 thoughts on “Bodacious Book Exchange

  1. Hey laura – I love the way your page came out – just as lovely as I thought it would be from when you described your idea to me last week. Love the blue sky peeking through – feels like spring is on the way!
    Tina – loved seeing how the swirled book pages went from the “working table” to the finished piece in the “book exchange”.

  2. Thanks Kathy! Your comment means a lot. Can’t wait to see what creative work you do while I am up in NH. You inspire me every time I see your new work! xoLaura

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