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Lately the importance of having a daily routine has been on my mind. Some routines naturally fall into place while others are much more difficult. Morning journaling is one routine I diligently keep, even if it is only to write 5 things down in my gratitude journal. I have been sharing some of my journaling and sketching routines  with the succulent women in my fabulous “Fearless Sketchjournaling” class and thought I would share one of my favorite writing journals with you. (I will share other types of journals in future posts). These journals, from Queen Oscar Designs were discovered many years ago while I was visiting the Button Factory Open Studios in Portsmouth, NH. (If you have never been to the Button Factory it is well worth the trip and is what gave me the idea to invite guest artists to our open studios in Westerly). The journals are square (which I love) with creamy speckled paper the perfect thickness for writing. I smile each morning picking mine up and seeing the sparkly hand painted paper on the cover, not to mention the cute design. Each new journal is started with the enthusiasm of a giddy teenager as I carefully select a new message to encourage me in the year ahead. This year I picked, “Dream.”

I would love to know your favorite journals. Are you like me and use different journals for different things? Looking forward to hearing from you!

Cheery Smiles & Love, Laura

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