The Collective: Laura’s watercolor feather painting


Dear Tina,

I loved the feather you drew for the Collective and the beautiful connections you made to our work in your last letter. I agree, since our first meeting all of those years ago we have been on quite a journey, exploring the connections we feel to the greater universe. We’ve certainly had some awesome conversations about this over the years and I love how we’ve been documenting them here.

I’m grateful to share this journey with you.

I enjoyed your reflections on Thich Nhat Hahn and appreciate how you’re reacquainting yourself with him right now.

Here’s a quote I found by him that I wanted to share with you.

You carry Mother Earth within you.

She is not outside of you.

Mother Earth is not just your environment.

In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to have real communication with the Earth, which is the highest form of prayer.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

Our themes of the natural world and our connection to it were stepping stones to my latest painting. I was thinking about all that is seen and unseen in this world.


It’s interesting to me how some people sense, feel and notice things that others do not. There is so much to be learned about what lies beyond our five senses and I think people are tapping into this more and more through the practice of mindfulness and meditation.

This is something I’m exploring within myself.


This new painting is a continuation of the circle “mandala-ish” form from my last piece for the Collective. It’s symbolic of connection, wholeness and the energy of life.

I pulled the blue from the feather you added in your gold circle piece. To me, the blue represents water and the ocean that we both live near and revere so much.

The ocean is thought to represent the subconscious, unknown parts of the mind. The dark, hidden depths of the ocean are our like the unknown, unexplored thoughts, emotions, and feelings that are not always visible on the surface. It’s like going deep into one’s own emotions and mind to where the soul lives.

I had never thought of it this way before but this metaphor really resonates with me and where I am in my journey.

The feather was intentionally made to blend in, representing our seamless connection to nature and how we are all one.

I love the ideas and concepts we are exploring and visually translating. Looking forward to your next piece and hearing more about your discoveries!

love ya!

Laura :)

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