Working Table

Laura's Working Table 2-23-2010 (click to enlarge)

Laura’s studio notes:

It was so gorgeous on Saturday (45 degrees!), I ventured out to the Bluff for a lovely walk with a friend of mine after yoga. After our walk I went out with my camera and captured the ice floating on the river. The textures, energy, light and warmth I felt both in spirit and “in place” are reflected in my pastel sketches which I will expand upon.

Tina's Working Table 2-23-2010
Tina's Working Table 2-23-2010

Tina’s Working Table Notes:

Today was a day of hammers, hinges, and screws.  I came up with the idea to hinge together these paint panels into boxes with doors (the viewer will be able to open and close the mini-doors).  I am very excited about them.  Over this next week I will be developing the objects and images in sketch form so that when I return to my studio I will be ready to start assembling, painting, and drawing.

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2 thoughts on “Working Table

  1. Thanks for sharing your tables – they are exciting and inspiring.
    I love the energy and the colors . It makes me feel good.

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