The Collective: Tina’s Feather Maps

Dear Laura,

I like how said in your last letter, “the feathers became little worlds, both abstract and real”.  You are right that one of our themes is feathers.  We have several with landscapes too.  I think the reason why our collaboration works is that our muse is similar.  Another reason is that our work is wildly different!  If our work was very similar in material and aesthetic, I’m not sure it would be as deep and rich as it is.  I have written further notes to you in the journal we mail to one another, so let me know what you think once you read it.

Looking at your most recent addition to “The Collective” I turned to create molds of feathers out of epoxy resin.  I developed this process years ago and still use it today.  I first made a mold of the feather with Make Your Own Mold by pressing a feather in the mold and allowing the mold to dry.  I have been playing around with various epoxy resins and nervous about its toxic fumes.  I found ArtResin and would encourage anyone using resin to be very cautious.  I still use this in my garage with plenty of ventilation, even though this product has been certified non-toxic.  I only have one brain so I am willing to go the extra mile to protect it.

Once the epoxy resin dried, the feather popped out of the mold.  It was a clear version of the feather!

Next, I thought about your color and idea of a landscape in the feather pattern.  Maps! I have a large collection of maps but reached for a map of South Carolina.  I placed the feather on the map, traced it, and then glued the map to the back. 

I tend to work in threes and odd numbers (I prefer a rectangle).  I wonder if you tend to work in even numbers (you do prefer a square)?  You decided to create five feathers but that may be related to the size paper you selected for your piece and what worked for the composition.

Your new watercolor paints look amazing!  I am glad you invested in those for your work.  While I don’t use the sparkle in my work it certainly looks fantastic with yours and I appreciate seeing it all work in sync.

Looking forward to your next addition to The Collective!


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