The Collective: Laura’s Hand Painted Feathers

Hand Painted Feathers

Dear Tina,

The lovely video you made of our work is what inspired this painting of the hand painted feathers. It’s always so fun to see the work together and how our ideas flow.

In your last letter you asked two questions:

Can realism be abstract?

Can abstraction be realism?

You then went onto say how when you look at the abstract work of Josef Albers, Mark Rothko, and Helen Frankenthaler you feel more than think and how “that feeling is real….therefore realism, right?”

Wow, what interesting questions!

I honestly don’t know what’s real and what isn’t, especially when it comes to creativity and art. It comes from a place that is indescribable to me so I guess it’s abstract, yet I feel it so viscerally that it is real. Does that make any sense?

Everyone sees, feels and takes in the world from their own unique vantage point and I always try to remember that. I think if we appreciate all the different perspectives they give us an opportunity to grow and stretch. This makes life more interesting.

Creative Process

These hand painted feathers turned into little “landscape paintings”. Looking at the video I noticed the repeated shape of the feathers in our past artwork and used that as a starting point. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them, then thought about your last drawing of the leaves and knew I wanted to paint something that reflected the changing seasons here in New England. The feathers became “little worlds,” both abstract and real to me.


I’ve really been enjoying my watercolors lately and just invested in some new colors. Experimenting with them has become a little addicting. As you know, color always thrills me. It’s so fun to create new colors and I’m especially digging my new sparkly paints. :)

I hope things are well in your world. Take care my friend :)


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