Vision 30

Dear Friends,

To follow up on our free art giveaway, this week Laura and Tina will be reflecting on the work created for the event.   Our Vision is the three pieces we collaboratively made as noted below.  Our ReVision (to be posted on Friday) will be a new interpretation of this work.  This exercise makes us wonder how many times we could reinvent/revise/’revision’ a piece of art!  For those of you new to the blog, here is an explanation of our Vision/ReVision project:

a weekly



Laura and Tina each post a photograph on Monday titled ‘Vision’.  Responding to the photo, the artists choose an element such as color, line, composition, shape, form, pattern, design, or conceptual idea to create a ‘ReVision’. ReVisions are posted on Friday.

L2T: Anniversary (Sapphire) - for Jazzy Jackie
L2T: Anniversary (Sapphire) - for Jazzy Jackie
L2T: Anniversary (fuchsia) - for Jeannine
L2T: Anniversary (fuchsia) - for Jeannine
L2T Anniversary (golden) - for Cassie
L2T Anniversary (golden) - for Cassie

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2 thoughts on “Vision 30

  1. the intensity of the colors, especially the pink and blue, is so anazing it makes my knees wobbly, brings tears to my eyes, and makes me wish i could do this.

    thank you

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