The Collective: Tina’s Moon Map

Dear Laura,

These most recent artworks back and forth through the mail have been in an insightful conversation.  I feel like we are hitting a stride!

Your most recent addition to The Collective brought up a powerful symbol- the circle.  It is one that you are often drawn to (even suggested in your square formats).  I agree with you that it symbolizing wholeness.  I also see it as infinite energy.  My artwork, teaching practice, and other interests often follow a circle pattern by coming back around to my essential questions.   Now that I am listening more intently due to my meditation and mindfulness practices, I am noting when my ideas come around to a circle.  When this happens, I know there is something important to pay attention to.

When I saw the map below the feather painting, I was reminded of a few of your earlier works.  Do you remember these?

The dates are noted 2012 and 2013!  The one on the right was part of our Vision/ReVision series and the original post can be found HERE. These layering of maps, materials, and imagery started a long time ago for both you and me.

When I made this piece, I knew I wanted the maps to be torn and layered like you did.  I then thought about the circle.  While painting it I remembered the most recent celestial event: the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse on January 31.  It was a blue moon, a lunar eclipse, and a super moon!  This called for some gold leaf to represent these cyclical events aligning.


Below is a process video of applying the gold leaf.

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