Free Art!

We have one more day for people to enter our Free Art Giveaway.  See our post “You made it! Welcome” for details (all you have to do is simply leave a comment on that post- it is that easy!).  Tina completed the pieces a few days ago by adhering the work to a wood panel (collage of maps on the edges and back), nailing a sawtooth hanger on the back, and sealing it all with a shiny epoxy resin (it looks like glass).  They look wonderful and we kinda want to keep them, but we will let them go in appreciation for your support.

If you are not selected for this giveaway, don’t be disappointed because we will do another one in the future.  We have more plans up our sleeves for the coming months.

~Tina & Laura~

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4 thoughts on “Free Art!

  1. Great work! Here’s to entering for the giveway! My name is Julie Wheat and I live in South Carolina. So much enjoy reading you blog and look forward to your next Charlestonian visit!

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