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Hello Sweet T~

How are you? Fall is happening here in New England and bringing with it all it’s glorious color! Although I am sad to see summer go there is a beauty and crispness in the air that I savor. Fall has a scent that I cannot clearly describe. It is embedded in my soul and goes beyond the warm smell of freshly baked apple crisp. Its like you can smell the freshly fallen leaves and the preparation for winter. I will never tire of fall in New England.

I loved learning more about Beatrix Potter from your last letter. She was an amazing woman. Can you imagine living in a time where being a woman meant that you couldn’t vote or own property? I really appreciate how far we have come and the women who pioneered before us and made way for our freedom, something I will always appreciate.

After reading how you have been exploring your neighborhood I decided to start taking different paths in the woods at the Bluff. I have had wild turkey’s cross my path on several of my walks and have been collecting the feathers I find on the trails.

These turkey’s intrigued me so much I decided to look up their symbolism. I learned that they are  more than capable of disappearing from view, so sighting one (especially more than once) is significant of the lessons that can be learned from them.

These are my favorite lessons from the Wild Turkey:

  • They teach you the importance of knowing how to read your environment.
  • They are excellent at teaching people how to avoid arguments and unnecessary confrontation by utilizing their skills of observation, cunning and agility.
  • They teach you the value of fierceness and courage as a personality trait.
  • They teach you to be grateful for what is already around you; instead of encouraging you to constantly seek new forms of nourishment.
  • They remind you to give away or share the things that nourish you from time to time, so that you may more freely receive when bounty is offered to you.

For my latest piece in The Collective I decided to experiment with pattern. I loved looking closely at each feather and seeing how unique they are. 

This is what I came up with. I had so much fun painting them and have been a little “feather happy” in the studio. I will be sharing more feather paintings on Instagram and Facebook soon. Sending such joy your way!


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