What Is A Creative Practice?

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I was reading Laura’s blog post about joy and wanted to direct you to her thoughts (CLICK HERE). She always inspires me with her positivity and ability to work through the tough times with a steadfast belief in the human spirit.  This attitude not only directs her daily decision-making but also her creative practice.

So what exactly is a creative practice?

Laura and I often talk about our art in these broad terms.  See, we don’t see ourselves as one “type” of a creator such as a painter, illustrator, sculptor, etc. that the traditional artists claim. Yes, we create in those roles, but we are not shy about trying other avenues of creativity.

Essentially, it is the wanderings of a curious mind. It is always asking oneself “I wonder what would happen if I tried…..”.

In the summer months (Laura’s absolute favorite time) curiosity leads Laura to nurture an intricate garden with an inspiring array of flowers, plants, trees, and garden sculptures.  She then takes this a step further and trims the blooms to arrange these in “posies” for visiting family and friends.  She also is an avid collector of antiques.  Her keen eye for vintage items arranged alongside original art, family photos, books, and posies is something to be admired.  I always love visiting her house and seeing the new collections she has developed.  I asked her to take a few photos of these collections and insert them below…

I recently bought a sewing machine from a friend.  I haven’t used one since 7th grade!  I don’t know what I am going to do with this yet, but I have some thoughts on sewing on paper and fabric then incorporating that into some of my art.  This summer I started an embroidery project.  I went to Goodwill and found a jean jacket for $5!  It fit perfect and is a tough enough fabric to withstand all my many upcoming sewing mistakes.  I have never embroidered before, but learning how to do the different stitches has been really enjoyable (I just taught myself how to do a french knot).  This is a project I took on my most recent road trip.  I sewed in the car and around the campfire.

Laura and I often don’t discuss or post about these projects for fear of being a dilettante- ya know….. “jack of all trades and master of none” kind of thinking.  But we still totally do things like this.  All the time.  Heeheheee!

So follow Laura’s lead and find something joyful to create.  These little side hustles have the potential to bloom into something you would never have planned otherwise! 

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