ReVision 29

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ReVision 29 Laura
ReVision 29 Laura (click to enlarge)

Dear Tina,

First of all, no snow since 1989, eh? I am dating myself, but that was the year I graduated from High School!!! Seeing the excitement on your children’s faces with the snowman reminded me the last time I felt like a kid. It was this past New Year’s when I went up to Pittsburg NH with sweet husband and some friends. I got to drive the “beloved” snowmobile and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! I felt so alive and carefree and can now see why “the boys” drive all that way. Originally I wanted to make my own snowman like your boys and put it somewhere funny, but most of our snow is now melted. I can’t say I am disappointed, as I am about ready for some warm weather! Smiles & love, Laura

Tina's ReVision 29
Tina’s ReVision 29

Dear Laura,

Your sketches of the wax flowers and notes about drawing as a way to slow the warp speed we/I seem to be traveling on, came at the perfect time.  You reminded me of a commitment I made to myself to draw and write daily that I have not been keeping up with the last few weeks.  Life gets busy and things need to get done so I tend to let go of this piece of my art practice.  This is not a good thing.   My reflection and drawing are central to my work as an artist and it bothers me when I turn around and notice I stopped doing it when other life obligations stack up.  So, right now I want to publicly declare to re-commit to spend the time drawing and writing each morning when I wake up.  The computer will be off and the pencil will be scratching. Thanks for this reminder this week.

Love, Tina

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