I received our collaborative book today and feel that our visual conversation is really exciting.  How two different artists can speak to each other through art materials is not only genuine to who we are as individual artists, but also genuine to the larger community we are speaking to.  The more global everyone’s lives become (just like your reflections on the paper of your sandwich and ponderings on its creation as well as journey) the more I feel collaborative relationships are essential.  Essential not only in a practical way of getting where we need to be or receiving the things we need, but essential for happiness.  I have been thinking about this word “happy” and hesitate to use it because it seems to carry an expectation or baggage or reference to issues that are not meant for intellectual thoughts.  But I use it here because this is what I am seeking and I know you are too.  Really, who isn’t seeking a happy life?  Reading the book The Secrets of Happiness: Three Thousand Years of Searching For the Good Life by Richard Schoch, that we agreed to read together,  has helped put this idea into the context of history.  I am not too far into the text yet, but am enjoying it and wanted to leave a quote to get us all thinking how collaboratively we might find happiness:

“So often, and perhaps more than we would like to admit, we trick ourselves into believeing that happiness depends on good fortune.  That is a tempting, but ultimately damaging, way to think because it absolves you and me from the responsibility to create happiness in whatever circumstances we face.” pg.8

So, the question looms…what makes us happy?

I will leave with that for now…tina

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