The Collective: Funky Flamingo

Dear Tina,

I SO loved that gold shimmer you added to your last drawing for The Collective!  It reminded me of the sun sparkling on the water here in CT. I also appreciated what you shared about the Great Blue Heron. What a graceful bird! Their long legs made me think of flamingos, a bird I have been intrigued by since my first “sighting” at Bush Gardens when I was little. I fell in love with their unusual pink color even then and have always hoped to see one in person again.  In fact wanted to see one on my trip to Aruba, but learned that they only hang out on a private beach there. :(

I have been following my curiosity and was led to read about the flamingo as a Spirit Guide. I appreciated what I learned about flamingo wisdom which said:

“Use your intuition to filter and discern what is happening in your life right now. Focus on the spiritual healing and lessons contained within.

The flamingo also reminds you to “get in touch with your emotions and allow yourself to feel so you can process your emotions and grow from what you feel.”

(excerpt from Sprit Animal Totem)

This was timely in my life as I continue listening to my intuition. I am learning what a big part our emotions play in deciphering our insights and have been paying extra attention to mine and when they feel off.

Here are a few pictures of my Working Table. I sprinkled in some gold flecks with my paint which you can’t really see in these photos. I used to use this gold all the time, but found it didn’t photograph well when I was making my prints. I still love it and think it may weave it’s way back into my work.

The finished piece

This flamingo is quite bold, don’t you think?

They are such a funny bird! I think this little flamingo dance video will make you smile.

I hung this grouping of our work up in my studio. It’s really wonderful seeing how things are progressing this year.

Sending you a day filled with unabashed color & love!



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2 thoughts on “The Collective: Funky Flamingo

  1. Hey Laura, loved the imagery! Beautiful! I am all for listening to the intuition and I love using animals as guides. Lately the deer has come to me. :-)

  2. Thank you so much Anja! I actually had a deer cross my path recently while on a walk in the woods! It stayed there and just gazed at me for a bit. It felt a bit magical. :)

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