Collaborative Art: Lotus & Heron

This is the little Ganesh Tina sent Laura in the Collective box. It is considered a “remover of obstacles”.

Here are our newest additions to The Collective this month!

ABOUT THIS PROJECT:  We are mailing a box back and forth between the two of us.  In this box, we are adding works of art on paper of various sizes twice a month.

We are thrilled to experiment with this continuously building body of work that has elements of spontaneity and reflection at the same time. Spontaneity because of the individual choices we have with each new piece of art we add to the collection, and reflection as we look at how all our works are ‘speaking’ together. It is truly a response to one another’s visual work.

Laura March 2017

Dear Tina,

I really loved your drawing and reflection of the lotus pod in your last letter. Adding onto they symbolism I shared in my last letter I found this interpretation of the lotus pod interesting:

“The seed pods of the lotus are an ever changing womb that protects and holds the seeds until they mature. The pod represents the sanctuary of community where the seeds of creativity and expression are nurtured and prepare for transformation. The lotus pod welcomes all explorers wherever you are on your journey -. whether you’re in the mud, sprouting through the water, or ready to bloom!” (from the lotus pod’s website)

For my latest piece in The Collective I experimented with some of the colors in your drawing. I was trying to express the feeling of expansion. I used the white lotus flower in my painting as it’s meaning refers to purity of the mind and spirit which is something I am always working on within myself.

xo Laura :)

Tina March 2017

Dear Laura,

Following up on the symbolism of the lotus, I connected that to a recent trip in my kayak.  I saw this silent great blue heron standing in the marsh.  I wondered about its patience and stoic manner.  That ability to be still despite the waters rushing around it and the other birds yacking and flittering around it is admirable.  I wonder how I can be more like that when life seems to kick up uncertainty and doubt.  I sometimes wonder lately where I am headed as an artist, what the point of it all is beyond my own self-satisfaction, and the worthiness of the work I do.  I know these are all destructive thought patterns, but I also know I am not alone in this thinking after talking with various other artists around me.  Just have to keep on working and be the stillness through the waves I guess.


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