Nurture Your Nature: Hundertwasser’s Art

Dear Laura,

I wanted to remind you of one of the artists you researched during graduate school.

You showed me how Friedensreich Hundertwasser created  paintings and architecture inspired and made for nature.  Did you know he also designed flags, stamps, posters, and coins?  As one of our earliest environmentalists, he challenged the industrial nature of our culture with architecture design that worked harmoniously with nature.  Below I have made some photo collages of his work that may inspire you as you get back into your studio after returning from vacation.

He gained notoriety through his bold and colorful paintings.  Some of his circle shapes remind me of your work.


Look at the green roofs in his architecture designs!


Did you know about these works?


He is a good model for creating art in all different kinds of formats.  You often have a desire to work in clay, mixed media,  photography with your flower posies and antique object assemblages.  Don’t leave these ideas for fear of not focusing on your painting.  Life is long!

I hope you enjoyed your tropical trip and have an easy transition back to the studio!



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One thought on “Nurture Your Nature: Hundertwasser’s Art

  1. Thank you SO much for sharing this Tina!
    I will never tire of Hundertwasser’s art. He is so brilliantly unique and inspiring. I love how he combines his art with nature and seeing what can be accomplished over time with vision and love. Yes, I do have many interests and wonder where they will all lead me. The colors in his paintings already remind me of the colors of Aruba and my trip. Drastic change from the cold winter New England air and snow I came back to! Just what I needed to transition back to my studio.
    love ya! Laura :)

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