Nurture Your Nature: Yarn Bombing with London Kaye

Dear Tina,

How are you? I have been bundled up indoors, dreaming of spring and filling my well of inspiration. I’ve been binge listening to podcasts in my studio and have really been enjoying Squam Art Workshops, “Morning on the Dock” series hosted by Elizabeth Duvivier. I met Elizabeth many years ago while volunteering at Squam (such a magical place!). Her warm, kind spirit emanates in her soothing voice and lovely demeaner. She creates an enchanting dialog with her guests which celebrates the curiosity of the artist’s soul. I never tire listening to stories of people following their true calling. There is magic in seeing their paths light up before them, often in unexpected and extraordinary ways. Listening to these stories calls me back to a deep place of trust within myself.

“Putting art into the world makes the world a better place.” ~London Kaye

London Kaye is one of the artists from the  podcast  that I thought you might enjoy, along with a few short videos featuring her work (I especially loved her community project in the second video). Her work reminded me of all the street art you saw while on your trip to Germany.  In your letter you wrote how small acts together = great change and I believe this to be true on so many levels. With so much going on in our country and in the world right now I am even more conscious of what I choose to listen to, share and create. Everything we do and say is so important! It has momentum and we get to choose which direction we want to put our thoughts and energy towards.

I want to invite conversations around kind, loving acts, creativity, beauty and friendship. I want to celebrate individualism, freedom and love because this is what I want more of in the world.

artwork by London Kaye

London crochets her work onto fences, water hydrants, telephone booths, bill boards, trees and even in the subway. They are so unexpected and fun!

She creates them with the intention of drawing people into the present moment and bringing a little joy to their day.

I believe joy is the answer to creating a happier world. Imagine if everyone took even just a brief moment to look around them and find even the tiniest bit of joy each day? There is so much to appreciate: the clouds moving in the sky, the faces of people standing in line with at the grocery store, the sun  and moon shining bright,  and the way the way the birds sing their sweet little songs.

London’s work reminded me of when I was studying & experimenting with Guerrilla Art in grad school. This art form opened up a whole new world to me. I spent months written uplifting messages on rocks and shells, leaving them on park benches and on the beach for people to find. This was thrilling to me! It lifts my spirit just thinking about it now. I always wondered who would find them, hoping it would make their day a little more special. Kind of makes me want to do something like this again just for the FUN of it. Maybe I will!

artist unknown

My mom and I happened to see some “yarn bombings” on a bunch of palm trees outside a bagel shop on our trip to  Aruba. SO FUN!

May you find the magic and joy in this day :)

love ya!


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One thought on “Nurture Your Nature: Yarn Bombing with London Kaye

  1. Dear Laura,
    This is great! Thanks for sharing her work. I always enjoy the spirit of street art. It’s art for everyone and anyone. I am following her work on Instagram now- which I use for daily inspiration.

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