Mindfulness: Tina’s “One Little Word” 2017

Dear Laura & Friends,

It was great to read Laura’s One Little Word.  She is always so good about keeping up with her word throughout the year and reminding me of my word.  Last year my word was DRAW.  I gave myself the challenge of creating one drawing a week and for the most part I followed through.

Tina's Weekly Drawing Challenge (see my Instagram account for weekly updates)
Tina’s Weekly Drawing Challenge (see my Instagram account for weekly updates)

These drawings are visual meditations. I collected one item from nature, drew with graphite, added pastels and layered textures in an improvisational way.   The goal was to slow my mind down, observe closely, and squeeze in more studio time among all of my life’s busy commitments.

I would say DRAW was my most successful year with the “one little word” since I touched on it weekly.


This year I am picking THRIVE.  This past winter I declared by art studio as a business so I can sell my artwork through my website.  This will offer a direct connection to those who want to support my work.  These works are for the beginning collector and are priced accordingly.  Each month for 2017 I will be adding a drawing and mixed media piece to the shop. I am documenting this process on INSTAGRAM so please follow along!

My sculptural work will still be exhibited through the gallery/museum system and I have hopes it will move up higher along that hierarchy for 2017.  For the more invovled sculptural work, I have many notes and sketches on how I will be expanding and growing my process.  I’ll be sure to share it along the way.

Wishing you all a prosperous and happy new year!



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