Collaborative Art: “The Collective” Undercurrent


Dear Tina,

Thank you so much for the little brass Ganesh you put in The Collective box. I put him on my desk as a reminder to remove obstacles in my life. I continue to recognize that my obstacles are mainly thoughts that do not serve me. When I let them go and focus on things that feel good I find I am allowing  more joy in everything.

“Ganesh affirms life by celebrating in it’s pleasures and beauty.”

Lately I have found myself drawn to the lotus flower and have been researching  it’s symbolism. This flower grows in muddy water and it is from this environment that it gets its most literal meaning:

“Rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment.”

I love the idea of letting go of anything holding me back and opening myself to clarity & inner wisdom. My latest painting for “The Collective” is called Undercurrent. Hope you are doing well!




p.s. This is such a fun video that you made of The Collective! It’s fun to see how it evolved over the past year.


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