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Dear Tina~

After seeing the next page of our book I realized I only gave you and our friends a “tease” of my last page of our book so I thought I would share some of my thoughts with you. Tina, on your last page you left me with a map, a moon and the bird for inspiration. What immediately came to mind was a birds eye perspective of the world, new moon, moon cycles, moments, our Folly Beach walk when I was visiting you, the energy of life, wholeness, unity and what lies above and below the surface of our lives. Trying to connect these seemingly random thoughts I continued the ocean and added the word “home” to the map, as well as a little island in the shape of “two” (look closely) and put a nest on the next page for you. This is all symbolic of how at home I am with you; our art and friendship. I can be totally myself and never judged. Thank you for our unique friendship, inspiration and love. xoLaura

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