Collaborative Art: “The Collective” Gold Leaf and Zinnia

Laura Gaffke, “Collective” Winter 2016

Notes by Laura:

I was inspired by the color in Tina’s last drawing of the birds.  This zinnia was one of the last flowers in my garden and I wanted to carry over the essence of it with this loose, contour line drawing. Tina had  added some old sheet music to the Collective box so I stamped in some vintage text to give the drawing a little bit of a nostalgic feel.

I found the pods in the photos below on my favorite beach here in CT and included them in the Collective box knowing how much of Tina’s work is inspired by natural objects and a more neutral palette. It’s interesting to see this contrast in our palettes. I get SO excited about the  bright colors I find in nature. They both have their own unique essence and beauty.


Tina Hirsig “Collective” Winter 2016


Notes by Tina:

Laura sent me this seedpod in our Collective Box.  I drew the seedpod with charcoal and conte crayon while finishing it with the gold leaf.  This is the first time I has ever used this material and was super pumped with the results.  I will be incorporating gold leaf more in my sculpture work in the weeks to come. Thanks for the inspiration Laura!




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