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Dear Laura-

I was going to write my post last night, but watching the Olympics was too much of a draw.  Did you see Lindsey Vonn win the gold medal in  womens downhill skiing?  Truly amazing!  And with a bum leg.  That, along with watching Shani Davis win his gold medal (men’s 1000 speedskating) for the second Olymics in a row, was too inspiring to type on the computer.  Their dedication to their passion is definitely something I admire.

SO, I do have good things to share about what I have finished and will be mailing to you shortly.  This is also a follow up to my Working Table post on February 2.  In that post I took a picture of the Book Exchange in progress.  I completed the next page  (please click on Book Exchange on the tab above to get the details of this 2 year and running project…for those of you new to our blog).

When I received the book and you had drawn a nest, I began brainstorming ideas on how to surround this nest in an outward motion.  A friend (thanks Deb!) gave me some antique books, which I proceeded to tear and glue in a circular motion.  With an Exacto knife I cut out tree branches, with handmade paper that looks like wood,  to create the image that the nest was resting in the tree.  I knew it needed one more thing, but wasn’t sure what yet, so it sat around for another week.

Then the waxwings came to town.

Every year Cedar Waxwing birds flock to our trees in the backyard.  Mostly quiet birds you would miss them if you didn’t happen to look out the window. It had just snowed the night before (the first in 20 years) and they were there to eat the fruit off our Bradford Pear tree.  I was lucky enough to get a few pictures of them.


It was at this point I added the drawing of the bird on the book page.  It seemed like a good fit for what what going on in life at the moment.  Look for it in the mail next week.  Don’t scroll down Laura if you want it to be a surprise!

Love, Tina


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3 thoughts on “Book Exchange-next page completed

  1. dear tina~
    I had to peak! This looks great! It is so weird to see snow in Charleston. We just got a bunch more snow this week and I am about ready for spring. I can’t wait to see the book in person! xoL

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