Nurture Your Nature: Poets Who Take My Breath Away


Dear Laura,

I have been thinking about the poets who take my breath away with words.  I will often have to reread those juicy ones over and over again.  The poets I tend to respond to are writing about the natural world.  Mary Oliver is who I will quote in this letter, but another fantastic poet to look up is Gary Snyder.  He has been inspiring my current sculptural work which you can view HERE.

I can’t help but want to fight harder to protect our environment after witnessing the beauty of Ireland. I found that the landscape would just knock the wind out of me with it’s beauty.  Above is a photograph taken on Valentia Island.  I can’t even say words to describe the feeling of being in that landscape, so I am going to let Mary Oliver do it with the poem below.  I cut my photo into the words in photoshop so you will see hints of the Atlantic blue in the font.  Enjoy!


ps- if the poem is too small to read, click on it and you can zoom in.  You can also click and drag it to your desktop if you want to print it out!


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