Vision 29

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Vision 29 laura gaffke
Vision 29 laura gaffke

Dear Tina~

I have been thinking a lot about “details” and how they  have been overlooked within my life, both in large and small ways. Sometimes I don’t know where to put the overwhelm and freeze. Drawing is one way I center myself and something I am committing to daily this week. Although I draw all the time, I haven’t been sketching from nature, which always inspires me. I am presently teaching a class called, Fearless Sketch Journaling with an amazing group of woman who inspire me with their drawings each week. Through their drawings I  learn about who they are as individuals, what is going on in their lives, what delights them,  as well as what they struggle with. I feel as though we have created a circle of trust, much like Parker Palmer talked about in his book A Hidden Wholeness and I am grateful. These flowers were giving to me by by sweet husband and are what will inspire my sketches this week. I will look closely at each of the petals, the shapes and color with fresh eyes and allow myself to go deeper within, not only the drawing, but within myself. xoL

Tina's Vision 29
Tina's Vision 29

Dear Laura,

We had a rare snowstorm on Friday.  The last time this happened was in 1989!  You can imagine the excitement with the boys throwing snowballs and making snowmen.  Even though I grew up in Illinois, this event was exciting for me too.  I always enjoy times like this that make me feel like a kid again.  All the snow had melted by the next afternoon, but the snowmen(women:) remained for another day.  It was fun to drive around town and spot the snowmen in green grass yards yesterday.  Do people make snowmen up in Connecticut or are people just too used to the snow?


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2 thoughts on “Vision 29

  1. Yes, Tina people DO still love to make snowmen here and I get excited every time I see one. In fact I saw a fun snowman in front of a fire station with firefighting gear on just yesterday on our way to the wineries. Glad to hear you savored the moment while it lasted! xoLaura

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