Manifesto: Revised


Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago, Tina visited Laura in Connecticut for a brief but fruitful time.  One thing that came out of our time is the above manifesto.  While we wrote this during our last visit, we revised some of the wording and made it more artful.  What do you think?

We hiked, created art, went for a wild speedboat ride to Greenport (see the picture below when things were calm on the boat :), and talked a lot on Laura’s back porch in the summer warmth.   We will be tweaking the website a bit over the next few weeks so you all can find information better.   We decided to develop a monthly schedule for posts.  While we won’t write as much as we have in the past, the blogposts will have more depth related to nature, mindfulness, and collaboration.  These three areas are ones we are researching and thinking about in our own art practice so it makes sense to discuss this together and with you here.  Our writing will be directing you to resources and ideas to consider.


Beginning of the month: Nature

Middle of the month: Mindfulness

End of Month: Collaboration: Collective Project (photo essay)

End of Month: Newsletter (we know it is easy with a busy life to forget we are over here, so an email newsletter is a great reminder!) JOIN HERE

Until next time, we hope you are enjoying the summer heat while it lasts!





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