You made it! Welcome

Here we are being all cheesy giving each other the high five after finishing our banner. We jumped so high with excitement you can't see our hands!
Here we are being all cheesy giving each other the high five after finishing our banner. Tina can obviously jump higher than Laura as she got cropped out of the frame!

WELCOME to our new blog!

We would like to thank you for all your feedback, love and support of our creative endeavors. For the past few months we have been clarifying our intentions for this blog; simply put it is a blog about collaboration, the sharing of our creative process and a place to create and foster community. Let us point out a few features and then let you know about our giveaway and newsletter. We now have fancy little tabs to organize ourselves better. The about us tab will fill you in on how we met, who we are as individual artists as well as why are choosing to share our work publicly. We also have a tab titled, bookshelf which lists books we have found useful about collaboration as well as what is on each of our bookshelves. Short annotations will be added in the future to let you know why these books have resonated with us. Our collaborative art tab neatly places our ongoing work into categories and will give you a sampling of the different series we are working on, as well as let you know where you can see more images if you are curious. The news and links tabs are currently under construction, so expect to see more groovy info there soon.

Now for our groovy giveaway. We hope you are excited as us!!!

Valentine’s day, as serendipity would have it, marks the one year anniversary of “Laura TWO Tina” and we wish to honor your ongoing support by giving away some of our clever collaborative creations created with love especially for YOU! To win, simply leave a comment in this post. Say hello and where you are in the world. That’s it! We will put your name in a fabulous antique hat and pick three lucky winners, a week from Valentine’s day (February 21st).

Bonus extra love: friend us on facebook and we will put your name in our giveaway twice! Already a friend, just write the word “love” on our wall and we will know who you are.

Phew! This has sure been a lot of work and we look forward to hearing from you as we put our feet up and celebrate this day with the ones we love.

Laura & Tina

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41 thoughts on “You made it! Welcome

  1. Oh Happy Days ! Congrats on hitting the one year milestone ~ and in the blogging world that IS big news. I love reading and looking and soaking up all of your artistic adventures and projects. Thank you for sharing your talents with the Universe !

  2. Congratulations to both of you from Waterford, CT- this looks great! I’m looking forward to all that’s ahead on “Laura to Tina” – I have never commented before but have been following your blog since I met Laura :)
    Information, inspiration and Fun!
    Tina I look forward to meeting you on your next trip north and Laura I will see you on Wednesday.
    Much love! Kathy

  3. The two of you are SOooo inspiring; I enjoy your blog very, very much. I’m still working on my altered book – love it! – and recall the time I was able to spend in Laura’s studio. Looking forward to seeing her again when we get back up to CT sometime in July, We’re currently in Livingston, Texas – March 1st we;ll be on our way over to Florida. Hubby, cat, and I are thoroughly enjoying this new full time RV life! Blessings to you both!

  4. So proud of the both of you! You are strong woman sharing important work with the world! I look forward to hanging one of your collaborations on my wall in the studio!
    Much love to the power of “two”!

  5. Laura, I finally got a chance to check out your website and… WOW! I love the “cheesy” picture of you jumping–you’re so fun! Looks like you are doing well and enjoying yourself!!
    Continued success!!!

  6. Congratulations on all your hard work it is definately paying off. I cant wait to come to the studio for a visit. Miss you, Brigitte

  7. Congratulations Ladies! The new site looks fabulous! Can’t wait to see all the inspiring things you continue to post in the future!
    Big Smiles~ Liz

  8. I always enjoy checking in to see what you are up to. I’m particularly fascinated with the “working tables” project! Great idea! and so fun to see the relationship between the the media, materials and mess, and the finished piece! Process, process……

  9. Your site is so exciting to me. It has been 11 years since I worked with someone who thought I might explore something other than the “teaching art.” Going from section to section in your site is inspiring to me – I have an “in blue” journal now for dreaming of possibilities. It has also given me so many ideas to bring to my classroom to free the children from judgement – love the vision, revision process – if you love basketball, how does a picture of your favorite player change when you look at him again.

    Thanks for sharing and offering us all a chance to revision what we notice, appreciate and acknowledge.

  10. This is so fun to hear from all of you! You are now added to the hat for free art. We have a few more days for people to leave a comment. If you are reading now, just a quick ‘hello’ is all we need. Looking forward to the conversation ahead…
    Laura and Tina

  11. Lovely Laura and Tina!
    the blog looks UH-MAZING! Happy anniversary and happy valentines day! Keep up all your amazing efforts, art and all around greatness! xo Sending lots of love and success in both your futures!!!

    ‘Jazzy’ Jackie

  12. Hi Ladies, Happy anniversary! I enjoy your blog and collaborative art projects and am so excited about your work! Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

  13. my altered book has been stalled…waylayed by ….??life??? Your blog and site have re-kindled the fire – thanks :o) Love your stuff! see you next week Laura

    Big Hugs!

  14. SO exciting to get the news of your new blog! Can’t wait to take some time and look aorund!
    xoxo from New London CT

  15. congrats on your anniversary! i met laura at squam and found her blog and got the newsletter in my mail this morning! i love the collaboration between you two. i’ll head over to fb now!


  16. Hi Laura and Tina,
    I love your style, your enthusiasm, your kind ways…. thanks for keeping me in the loop! You are very inspiring. Rose

  17. Hi Tina and Laure – I think this is great – really nicely done. The new look is beautiful. Looking forward to reading along! :)

  18. Congratulations to you both from sunny Arizona!! I have known Laura for almost 8 years as we taught together in NH. I am so proud of all that you have done and accomplished over the past few years! One who was so afraid of the computer just a short time ago, has truly made a mark! You continue to amaze and inspire me!

    Love you!

  19. I am so excited for you both! It is nice to see Tina in a photo, I have heard so much about you through the years. You both are an inspiration and so brave to truely put yourselves out there. It seems so hard to jump off the cliff and hope the net appears…kudos, you are living proof that there IS a net! Your faith and enthusiasm is endearing. I am so curious to see what comes next… I am sure it will be brilliant!

  20. Hi ladies,
    This website is great!! I loved looking thru everything. Laura u r amazing & I look forward to meeting Tina! Keep up the good & hard work & I look forward to what u two work on next!
    Luv ur favorite new neighbor…

  21. Hi Laura,
    I am so happy that you have found such a perfect artist soulmate! I love your blog, especially the artist’s table; seeing how your work progresses is fascinating. IThe wax flowers are lovely! I don’t think I have actually seen or touched real one, but they are beautiful in photos and on your sketch surface. Is it water color?
    The pink tulips are sweet. Fresh flowers are food for the soul, and don’t we all require that?

    You will have spring visitors from NH to see your fabulous, jazzy work up close and personal,
    Congratulations, and thanks for including me!

  22. Carrie (wonderful ) Linski says:
    February 18, 2010 at 8:28 pm (Edit)
    Laura and Tina,

    I just wanted to let both of you know that I’m very proud of you…The work and the time that both of you put in this blog is timeless! You guys are wonderful. Keep up the great work.
    So did a win yet ?!!? lol.
    Talk to guys soon

    Your Number One Fan,

  23. Bea
    February 15, 2010 at 4:44 pm · Edit
    Congratulations on your relaunch! Having your own domain name will let others find you more easily and to subscribe to your posts. Best wishes on a fascinating journey!

  24. Being creative is one piece, being inspired is the challenge and the journey we all hope to figure out day by day! Thanks for sharing all your ideas, it is great to be part of your journey and feel like you are never too far away!

  25. Goddess Laura,
    How are you? You have changed and grown so much since our first Sketch Book days at DCS. I am so excited for you and your friend TIna. I read back in an old sketch journal and it reminded me of our talks around the pond at DCS and coffee in the morning. Life gets in the way sometimes. Let’s celebrate soon! XOXO CONGRATS!!!

  26. Well…I have to say that I have been following you on FB and your journey together is clearly one that was meant to be!! I am very interested in just “HOW” you made this jazzy blog though!! I am MOST impressed! I have only done blogspot and have recently started a NING with my students…but the artistic appeal of this is fabulous!! How did you do it?? What did you do or where did you go to start?

  27. I love what the two of you have created. Out of the shared Goddard experience came an amazing friendship and an intentional art experience that you are sharing with all of us!
    Thank you!

  28. Lovely ladies…thank you for sharing your vision and passion and inspiring others to pursue their journey toward artful living! Best wishes…XOXOXO!

  29. Congratulations on finishing your blog…it is very user friendly!! I am a senior in high school and take art classes with Laura. Your collaboration pieces are very inspiring and the mixed media and transfer pieces you create have influenced a lot of my work this year!!
    Thank you!

  30. In response to all your thoughtful comments:
    Deb, thanks for recognizing our milestone! It is hard to believe a year can go by so quickly! It is amazing how small movements every day starts to add up.

    Sue, Kathy, Danielle, Suzy, Brigitte, Liz, Jackie, Carrie, Joy, Krissy, & Shelley thank you for ALWAYS showing your love and support on the home front.

    Diane, SO glad to hear you are working on your altered book! I hope I get to see it when you make your way back this way in your “traveling home.”

    Marlene, Only a short while and you will be in the cold north country with me! Can’t wait for Artward Bound and painting with you again!

    Kate, thanks for appreciating our “cheesy picture!”

    Billi, Thanks for saying hello! Miss you and DCS…

    Dawn, YES! Process, process. process! How are YOU?!?!?

    Dona, thanks for checking us out! Hope you are having fun painting in Maine!

    Carolyn, It is SO nice to reconnect with you. I would love to know what you are up to!

    Rose, I cannot thank you enough for our wonderful conversation not too long ago and your support in reading this. YOU my dear are an inspiration!

    Cassie, It is wonderful to meet you here!

    D’Arcy, hang in there! See you wednesday…

    Deb B.- Thanks for always supporting our work!

    Kathleen -Can’t wait to see your blog once you get it up and running! Hope you are well.

    Dana- I am so jealous that Chris gets to visit you! I am so glad you are coming along with us here at our blog.

    Lynsey, Martha, Meg & Michelle, Thanks for your comment and kind words! We appreciate your support!

    Karen, Can’t wait for the spring visitors!!! Miss you!

    Bea, are THE BEST! Thanks for always being such a great mentor and friend.

    Lori, Always love hearing from you!

    Jeannine, I know you had trouble commenting and sent me an email so consider yourself entered! Thanks again for the love!

    LB!!! my goddess sister! How did you like the picture I posted of us from the harvest and pink palooza goddess parties?!?!? I think we are due for another one soon! Yes, those memories of coffee by the pond at DCS were always special and much needed! Miss you!

    Tomasen! Your comment meant a lot to me. Call me and I will fill you in on the blog format, well I really just want to catch up but I will fill you in anyway!

    Julianna from Indianapolis ! Miss you and appreciate your support.

    Hope we didn’t miss anyone! Thank you all again! love, Laura & Tina

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