Collaborative Art: The Beginning “Collective”


Dear Friends,

We began our new collaborative project back in January and are now ready to show you what we have collected.  We have decided to call this “Collective” since this is a group of art accumulated over time.

As noted in our previous letter, we are mailing a box (well…for now it is an envelope until it gets too small) back and forth between the two of us.  In this box/envelope we are adding works of art on paper of various sizes.  So far we have exchanged this envelope five times.

We are really thrilled to experiment with this continuously building body of work that has elements of spontaneity and reflection at the same time. Spontaneity because of the individual choices we have with each new piece of art we add to the collection, and reflection as we look at how all our works are ‘speaking’ together. This project plays on our strengths and interests in real time.

What we see so far is a visual conversation in color and imagery.  Note that we have not discussed this work over the phone or in person. It is truly a response to one another’s work.

We will update the project again in a few more mail exchanges.  We are also thrilled to share that Tina will be visiting Laura this summer for some dedicated studio time! We have plans to add to our Collective during this visit.

Hope you are able to get outside, dig in the garden dirt, and enjoy some Spring sunshine (although it is still frozen in Laura’s neck of the woods!).


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