The Artist Project: Metropolitan Museum of Art



We wanted to share this fantastic resource from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  They have a brilliant idea of asking contemporary artists to speak about their favorite piece of art at the MET.   It’s called the Artist Project.

It is such a simple idea, but has inspired us to think differently about the variety and richness of work the MET has to offer, which we might typically skip over.

It is profound to see our humanity, history, and culture through art.  And even more inspiring to listen how an individual artist/viewer interprets the work.  It makes us pause in wonder about how art gains meaning as more people experience it.  For the artists out there….it is your duty to get your work out of your studio so people can experience it!

There are about a hundred of these films (each are about three minutes), so please let us know what your favorites are.  We will be sure to watch it.

Tina likes THIS and THAT.

Laura likes THIS and THAT.

These films make us so proud to be a part of the artist community.



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