Back to the Drawing Board

“I began to see that there is very little handmade stuff around anymore and I do think hand printing and making things is important.”

~ Marthe Armitage

Dear Tina,

I love looking at your instagram feed every week and seeing what you drew for your drawing challenge.  I also love how you are sharing it on your website. It’s always fun to see what object is inspiring you and how you translated it in your unique style. My friend Annie shared this video of Marthe Armitage‘s work. I thought you would enjoy hearing how her drawings evolve into lino prints and then into handmade printed wallpaper.  It is quite a labor of love and she has such dedication to her craft. It is fun to see how she collaborates with her daughter as well. I don’ t think I would ever have the patience to for this delicate, time consuming work but really find it incredible and think you will too. Enjoy!



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