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I loved what you wrote in the last entry of our book. Yes, you are right in noting how the birds have maintained a subconcious presence in our imagery for the last few exchanges. I agree, they are a great metaphor for the improvisation of a journey. My mind wistfully drifts to past expeditions, allowing me to sink into the recessed places of my mind long forgotten. I find myself reflective and yearning to be present for the adventures life has in store for me. Walking at Bluff Point today I was very much aware of the continuous globe trotting of the seasons. It is finally starting to feel like spring and there was an indescribable giddiness in everyone I encountered on my walk. I noticed the return of the egrets on the shoreline and wondered if they visit your shoreline during the winter. (You have them in Charleston don’t you?) There is so much in this world I have yet to observe and get to know. We can learn so much from each other by paying attention to our unique journeys.

As I was writing in the book to you, I found myself writing on a piece of paper I saved from a sandwich I got the other day downtown. I kept it because I felt guilty throwing it away when wasn’t dirty and I liked the color(okay, I have somewhat pack rat tendencies for my collage stash). Writing on this paper made me think about all the steps it takes for us to get the things we do so readily. I considered how things have adventures before they arrive at places like the grocery store or a restaurant. Someone had to either grow or make the food we are eating, package it and ship it. All of these things happen with help from many hands, each who have their own stories to tell. It is amazing how things find their way into our lives without a thought as to how they get here. I wonder if we did if we as a society would be more mindful of others and the planet. Today I want to empathetic towards our individual journeys and will spread my wings and allow myself to stretch beyond what I “know.” I will reflect on my idea of what love, kindness and generosity mean to me. It is interesting to consider the “here and there” of our journey together as well. Cheery Smiles, Laura

“When we are patient, we give ourselves the gift of reflection and wise choice.”
~Sylvia Boorstien

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