Tina’s One Little Word 2016: Draw

Dear Laura,

I would like to start this letter by giving credit to Ali Edwards for the “One Little Word” tradition (for those that are new to our letters).  Last year my word was BREATH.  I actually did maintain a practice all year of five slow breaths daily to be more present and calm in the chaos.  This breathing technique is now a habit of mine, so it really did work.

I want to carve out more studio time by giving myself a drawing challenge.  So, you guessed it- my word this year is DRAW.  I will be completing one drawing a week for 2016 (that’s 52 drawings!).  These will vary in size from 8×10, 11×14, or 12×12.  My intention is to draw during the week, rather than my usual studio time on the weekends.   With all of my other full-time commitments this is a stretch for me, but I am ready for it.

My time commitment is at least one hour.  My studio is set up with the supplies ready to go so I don’t make any excuses.  I literally have to just show up in that chair.


This includes graphite pencils, erasers (plastic and kneaded), blending stumps, pan pastels and blending tools, stencils for inventive textures, and notes so I remember where I left off.

These drawings are going to start as visual meditations.  I have done work like this before in my private sketchbooks.  I take one item found in nature, draw with graphite, and add pastels and textures in an improvisational way.   The goal is to slow my mind down, observe closely, and enjoy more studio time.

I have started week one with observing these beautiful seeds I found along the marsh edge in my neighborhood.


The resulting drawing:


I will be documenting these drawings on my website and on Instagram so please follow along and cheer me on!  I will need it!



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